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Copywriting Templates Review

Copywriting Templates Reviews

Chris Shaw

From: David Garfinkel & Brian McLeod

David Garfinkel Brian McLeod

Dear Friend,

If we've heard it once, we've heard it a thousand times...

Writing Copy Is The ONE Thing
Every Marketer Secretly Loves to HATE!

(or maybe NOT so secretly...)

Let's face it:

Everyone has their problems with copy.

1) It takes TOO MUCH TIME

2) It requires TOO MUCH ENERGY



Sometimes it doesn't even work!

Yes, putting together copy is a major league hassle for the serious marketer who needs to get results.

Hey... have you ever thought...

 "There must be an easier way!??!!"

Well, we've got some good news for you...

There IS an easier way.

And the people who have seen the system you are going to find out about now...

...these folks have been raving about their new, relaxed, confident attitude towards handling ANY copy project that comes their way, because they realize...

Powerful, Persuasive Sales Copy
CAN Be EASY To Put Together!


Before we show you how this remarkable new system works...

...let us ask you a couple of questions to prepare you for something amazing:

What if you had a trusted system that always gives you proven, reliable, effective sales copy on demand...

...copy that WORKS

...copy that CLOSES THE SALE


What if that system was always available to you...

...24 hours a day

....7 days a week...

...365 days a year...

...waiting for you any time you needed help cranking out money-making sales letters... emails... blog posts... articles... product reviews...

...whatever communications you need to move your business forward?

Well, that system is FAST EFFECTIVE COPY and it's powered by David Garfinkel's legendary Copywriting Templates™.

The reason it can do all those things reliably and consistently... easily and quickly...whenever you need it... that it's based on proven ads and tracked test results. Not this week, not this month, not this year... not on one pay-per-click campaign...

... but ads that have run in hundreds of markets, resulting in millions of dollars spent and many more millions in profits earned, across the decades.

"OK -- So How Do I Know
The Copy It Gives Me
Is Up-to-Date?"

That's a great question! The answer is simple...

Certain words and phrases are fashionable. They float in and out of style.

They might have tremendous impact this year... and next-to-none two years from now.

Then there are those other words...

...they are so simple, so basic, so powerful and compelling... that they worked 100 years ago... they worked last year... they work now... and they'll work to make ads produce results until the end of time!

Those are the words you will be guided to use with FAST EFFECTIVE COPY!

Why This Should Work For You
Even If Nothing Else Ever Has...

David Garfinkel's and Brian McLeod's Fast Effective Copy is much more than a typical copywriting course.

It's a complete learning and action system that takes the sweat, worry, and high cost out of copywriting:

TemplatesTemplates and step-by-step guidelines make it easy for you to come up with concepts and copy -- fast!

CDDownloadable videos, audios and PDFs you can review and use anywhere — on your computer, on an airplane, even in the wilderness, on your phone!

BinderSimplified, tested and proven learning methods and copy toolssuccessfully used by thousands of people around the world!

Everything is designed to save you time and get you results.

If you just need a quick headline, you can hop on the site, pick a headline, adapt it to your offer, and know what to do next -- all in a matter of minutes.

David has a long, strong track record of helping everyone from entrepreneurs who hate to write, to some of the world's other top copywriters and marketers.

People who use David's materials and methods get results...

When you join Fast Effective Copy, you'll get results, too.

Kevin Francis


"Who Is David Garfinkel?"

DavidGarfinkel.pngDavid Garfinkel is a top copywriter who's also known by many as "the world's greatest copywriting coach."

He has dedicated his career to making it easy to write copy that sells for anyone who wants to (or needs to) write copy!

It all started when he left a successful career in journalism, as San Francisco Bureau Chief for McGraw-Hill World News, in 1985.

Since then, he has run his own business. He needed to learn copywriting over 20 years ago and was outraged by how difficult it was, even for him—an experienced, professional, award-winning writer.

He set his mind to make it easier to write copy that closes sales — easier for himself, and for everyone else. His efforts prompted the world's best-selling marketing author, Jay Conrad Levinson, to persuade David to co-author Guerrilla Copywriting.

In 2000, David created the world's first online copywriting course, published by Mark Joyner's company at the time, Aesop Publishing. Since then, David has consistently been the innovation leader in teaching copywriting.

All of which means, there's nobody quite like David when it comes to helping you create cash-generating copy quickly and easily. (Not to mention, you're going to love his unique presentation style — he's truly an original!)


"Who Is Brian McLeod?"

BrianMcLeod.pngBrian McLeod is a 15-year veteran direct-response copywriter and creative marketing strategist based in sunny South Florida.

Brian's unique talents in conceptual marketing strategy, world-class copy & design, and high-conversion sales video creation are sought out by both legendary and modern marketing masters alike... David GarfinkelDavid DeutschJohn CarltonSpike HumerYanik SilverBen Mack... just to name a few.

In the mid-nineties, Brian co-founded of one of the nation's most successful new product development firms, launching that startup business from a spare bedroom and a paltry $10k in seed money into a 200+ employee corporate behemoth with a whopping NINE-FIGURES in sales revenue!

Brian is the only person who has been able to successfully take David's teaching and tools... and turn them into a powerful, easy-to-access (and highly affordable) membership site, Fast Effective Copy.

Brian appears with David as co-host to our monthly in-depth teleseminars for Fast Effective Copy members only — an exclusive feature of this site!


As Soon As Brian Got Copywriting Templates™
An Amazing Opportunity Was At Hand...

When David first sent Brian a copy of Copywriting Templates™ he assumed Brian realized what a MASSIVE package it was.

Brian was stunned...

He called David up and said:


"You know what, Jedi? I LOVE this training... it's absolutely amazing - but I'm also a little overwhelmed by all of this - and I'd be willing to bet that if I feel that way, I'm not the only one..."

He continued, "This course is like a gold-filled treasure trove and half the time I open it up - I just pick a section and start there, figuring its what I'm meant to read at that moment... and damn if it doesn't work just like that!

All the same - would you be open to a new way of thinking about and delivering this training program to people?"

David replied chuckling, "Sure, but you know you wouldn't be the first to try..."

Brian grinned - because he knew EXACTLY what to do to make Copywriting Templates™ the most useful, results-oriented copywriting resource available anywhere, at any price - it was just going to require more work than most sane folks were willing to consider.

Now, nobody has ever accused Brian of being "normal" when it comes to attention to detail, and creating world-class user experience. But secretly, he knew that by mixing a little good old-fashioned elbow-grease with some whiz-bang technology, something MAGICAL was about to happen...

A few months later, and many sleepless nights in between...

Fast Effective Copy was born... and the results speak for themselves.

Mike Humphreys

Jason Parker

Why Does Everybody Make Such A Big Deal
About Copywriting Templates™?

For years now, David Garfinkel's seminal Copywriting Templates™ training course has been praised by the highest-paid, highest-skilled copywriters in the business.

Almost every well-known copywriter owns the course - and many have been known to show off their dog-eared copy of the templates as proof of how much they rely on it.

But here's a little insider secret...

The real genius of David's Copywriting Templates™ is that it's a copywriting master-class embedded inside a shortcut system.

Sure, David shows you how to cut your writing time in half, and double your profits as a result... but inside this training, David's legendary skills as a one-of-a-kind teacher really shine.

Copywriting Templates™ gives you what you WANT - speed, efficiency, a running start... but also sneaks in what you NEED - deeply persuasive buying psychology and the proven structures of winning copy.

So, naturally - this course has always been in demand.

"This Is The Really Juicy Stuff...
And You Can't Have It..."

Copywriting Templates Physical Course

The $1,200 physical version of Copywriting Templates™ lands on a customer's doorstep with three two and a half inch 3-ring binders jam-packed with transcripts and printed materials.

It comes with a separate printed and bound book.

It comes with around two-dozen audio CD's and DVD's.

Yes, the physical Copywriting Templates™ course is a mammoth product delivered in what feels like a fifty-pound box (it's probably more like twenty pounds, but who's counting, really?)

And David is famous for taking Copywriting Templates™ off the market - often the only way someone could obtain it was to participate in David's high-end mentoring/coaching, which is a $25k per year proposition!

Every once in a while, David would make the program available as part of a promotion for a partner. But even when he offered those fleeting opportunities to grab it at a discount, the cost was usually around $800-$1,000.

To make a long story short, Copywriting Templates™ is famously valuable and not that easy to get your hands on - especially without spending a boatload of money.

That's what makes being a member of Fast Effective Copy such a rare opportunity, and such an amazing value for any profit driven marketer.

Let us show you what we mean...

Here's How Fast Effective Copy Works...


Copywriting TemplatesNothing could be simpler.

We worked hard to make this easy for you!

You get immediate unrestricted access to David's entire Copywriting Templates™ course.

We've completely updated and revamped all of the materials and wrapped an incredibly useful membership site around them - giving you a whole new level of value and usefulness from Copywriting Templates™.

You might say that this is what Copywriting Templates™ was always meant to be... technology just had to catch up first.

You get all 12 of the freshly updated modules - all the templates - all the audio training - all the transcripts - EVERYTHING is available to you instantly as downloadable MP4 Video, MP3 audio and PDF documents.

PLUS, you always have 24/7 "Anytime Access" to everything online inside your private Member's Account.

You can have Fast Effective Copy open and ready for you at a moment's notice, with a click of your mouse. No more hunting and digging for the right CD or searching your hard drive for the download files!

Templates Open

Each Copywriting Templates™ Module laser focuses on one core copywriting component - Headlines, Bullets, Storytelling, Subheads, Guarantees, and so on...

tagsYou'll want to pour yourself a nice glass of your favorite drink and take a little time to kick back... explore the site.

Get to know all the neat little features we included for you.

Many of them will save you time and make things easier for you right away.

For example, you can simply click on a word in the handy Tag Cloud and instantly pull up everything related to... say, "Fear" or "Desire" or"Urgency"...

Without losing a beat, you'll drill straight down, with laser focus...

...and tap into the key psychological triggers that compel prospects to pay attention, get excited and BUY LIKE CRAZY... whatever your market may be and whatever the product or service you sell.

Jim VanWyck

Now, suppose you've already written some copy...

Let's say you want to "punch it up" and make it even more engaging... and more profitable.

You can easily do that in minutes with Fast Effective Copy.

Copywriting Templates™ gives you the exact steps to add intensity and appeal to your headline… bullets… subheads… P.S.… stories… offer… even your guarantee!

And they're all spelled out, in easy-to-follow checklists, on individual pages of the PDF.

Bullet Templates

Since in copy very often it's the little things that count, this tool alone can make a HUGE difference for you. In response. In conversion. In sales. In PROFITS!

And yet, what we've shown you is only a sample of what you can do.

And here's the best part...

The more you use Fast Effective Copy, the more you will discover… and the more you will profit from it!

Because you have your own private member account, you can now access the training and content, all the templates and all the digital media, from anywhere, anytime...

Wherever you've got web access, you can use the new, improved online version of David's best-selling Copywriting Templates™ inside!

John DeAngelis

You'll Own The Complete, Updated
Copywriting Templates™ Core Training


You get examples for how to use the templates, a one hour recorded class in streaming, downloadable and PDF transcript form.

View online or download beautifully designed PDFs to read onscreen, search or print out.

Copywriting TemplatesModule 01 Headline Templates

Discover how to quickly capture your reader's attention with a gripping headline using these 20 Headline Templates


Copywriting TemplatesModule 02 -
Bullet Templates

Emphasize the uniquely fascinating benefits of your offer with proven Bullet Templates


Copywriting TemplatesModule 03 - Story Templates

Seduce your reader with a captivating story that sells your product or service hypnotically


Copywriting TemplatesModule 04 -Negative Optism Templates

Discover how you can tap into your reader's negative thinking to make your product or service shine


Copywriting TemplatesModule 05 Offer Templates

Make your reader an offer she simply cannot refuse with these irresistible offer templates


Copywriting TemplatesModule 06Subhead Templates

Keep your reader's eye glued to your copy with these compelling Subhead Templates


Copywriting TemplatesModule 07 Guarantee Templates

Melt away your reader's resistance with these powerful risk-reversing Guarantee Templates


Copywriting TemplatesModule 08 - Value Builder Template

Effectively communicate the tremendous value your offer represents - and make your reader desperately want it!


Copywriting TemplatesModule 09 - Takeaway Template

Leverage the tremendous selling power of taking something away from your reader with these Takeaway Templates


Copywriting TemplatesModule 10 - Choice of One Templates

Here's proven templates for kneecapping the competition and creating exclusivity for what you sell


Copywriting TemplatesModule 11 - P.S. Templates

Your postscript is one of the most highly read parts of your copy - make the most of it with these proven P.S. Templates


Copywriting TemplatesModule 12Flow Template

Put it all together with a simple, proven flow in your sales copy using this simple, illustrated Flow Template



Each of the twelve modules comes complete with:

VideoPersonal Welcome Video from David for each module



Streaming/Downloadable 1 Hour Audio Training Session



Downloadable Enhanced PDF Transcript of the training



Downloadable Templates PDF


Online Access

"Anytime Access" to the templates inside the members area.


PLUS - you get these two powerful bonuses...

We've really gone ALL OUT to create an overwhelming amount of value for you, starting with the very first time you log into your member account...

Look at these Exclusive Bonuses that are available immediately in digital form and waiting for you right now, inside...

Quickstart AudioYou get instant access to two Bonus Quickstart Audios that ensure you get the most out of your membership at Fast Effective Copy.

Quickstart Audio1 is an orientation and overview session.

Quickstart Audio 2 is teaches you how to source products from the public domain you can use for "profitable practice".

Each Quickstart Audio an hour-long training session available in both streaming audio and downloadable MP3s. You'll get on track quickly... and stay on track with these two powerful audios...

Each comes complete with Enhanced PDF Transcript for easy reading and reference.


Customer Friendly MarketingYou get David's exclusive Special Report, "7 Customer-Friendly Marketing Techniques You Can Use TODAY To Make More Money".

Discover how to add selling power to your copy without using testimonials or affiliate endorsements.

You get 7 new techniques to supercharge the selling power of your copy along with 7 templates that allow you to instantly use each technique.

You can download Customer Friendly Marketing as a PDF or conveniently use the templates inside the members area with "Anytime Access".


HeadsetYou get "Your Personal Energy" with David Garfinkel and Dr. Dave Woynarowski.

This special one-hour audio training session that will help you better manage your creative and personal energy for maximum productivity and reduced stress. We all do our best work when we feel good, feel motivated and feel powerful.

Dr. Dave specializes in teaching cutting edge methods of maintaining optimal energy levels for business owners, entrepreneurs... and yes, even copywriters (Dr. Dave actually IS a copywriter himself!)

While this bonus is not specifically about copy, it is absolutely essential for being able to reliably deliver your best creative work - you're going to love it.


You Get INSTANT ACCESS To Recorded
Monthly Training Sessions That Catapult
To The Next Level Of Copy Success

Fast Effective Copy Membership

Also instantly available:  21 “Recipe Videos” and “Cheat Sheets” to guide you through almost any conceivable kind of copy.

The Recipes and Cheat Sheets give you step-by-step instructions, with examples, on how to easily put together:

  • Emails
  • Blog posts
  • Articles

  • Forum posts
  • Press releases
  • Opt-in videos

  • Sales funnel emails
  • And much, much more!


Plus, Every Month 
You Get NEW
Monthly Live Training & Q & A Webinars
with David Garfinkel & Brian McLeod

MonitorOn the 2nd Wednesday of every month, you get a Live Training & Coaching Webinar plus Q &A Session with David and Brian for Fast Effective Copy members only...

We'll cover the latest marketing tactics and interview other top marketers on laser-focused topics that give you a powerful and lasting edge in the marketplace.

You get the complete replay recording of each event - including the PDF slides from the presentation, an MP3 Audio version of the recording, and an enhanced PDF transcript of everything. You'll always have a complete archive of each exclusive training session from Fast Effective Copy.

So, it doesn't matter what time zone you're in... or what your daily schedule is like... always get the full benefit and value of your membership.


Cut Your Copywriting Time In Half
And Double Your Profits

What kind of copywriting offer would this be if we didn't make you an absolutely irresistible offer?

Although Copywriting Templates™ alone has sold for $1,200 for years, you're not going to pay anywhere near that much.

In fact, your investment for becoming a Platinum Member today is shockingly low...

When you say "Yes!" TODAY, you get in with one easy payment of only $497!

Then you'll have lifetime access to the Templates and all the free bonuses.

No matter when or how much we raise the price in the future (and we WILL be raising the price without further notice) you will never pay a penny more ever again, and you will have ongoing access to live monthly trainings from two of the highest-paid, most revered marketing minds in the game for as long as we continue to do them.

Which we plan to do for a long time to come!

And Here's Where This Deal Goes From Awesome
To Unbelievably Great...

Not only do you get the complete Copywriting Templates™ course inside Fast Effective Copy, you get access to special bonuses worth thousands - absolutely FREE!

You get a very valuable, exclusive video: The Live Copywriting Workshop - a complete video recording of David delivering his Copywriting Templates™ training to a room full of marketers who paid $5,000 a head to be there.

We've digitized 2 DVD's worth of high quality vdeo recordings and made them available as streaming and downloadable MP4's (they're big whoppers, too - we wanted to maintain the highest quality of the DVD video for you).

Live Copywriting WorkshopThe Live Copywriting Workshop includes:

2 Online Videos - over one hour of exclusive live footage (available for download as iPod, iPhone, iPad-ready MP4)

2 Enhanced PDF Transcripts of the entire workshop

2 Streaming & Downloadable Audio MP3s

Downloadable Powerpoint Slide PDF with 10 easy, step by step ways to create copy faster and more effectively. It's David's presentation during the workshop, so you can follow along as if you were right there in the room!

Workshop Transcript

It's an amazing bonus - and it's sure to help you use Copywriting Templates™ more effectively - and it's our gift to you as part of your Platinum Membership.


"But Wait... There's Even MORE..."

That’s right. In addition to the treasure trove of copywriting materials we’ve already mentioned, you ALSO get access to 6 high-powered sessions from The Copywriting Mastery Club - a six-month in-depth copywriting master class with handy how-to shortcuts built into each session.

Along with David, you'll hear from Vin Montello, Mike Morgan, Chris Haddad, Harlan Kilstein, Ben Mack and others.

Copywriting Mastery ClubYou Get INSTANT ACCESS To:

download6 - Streaming Audios

download6 - Downloadable MP3s

download6 - Enhanced PDF Transcripts

Copywriting Mastery Club Curriculum:

Copywriting Mastery ClubMonth 1 - The Secrets of the Irresistible Offer

Copywriting Mastery ClubMonth 2 - Testimonials That Dissolve Resistance

Copywriting Mastery ClubMonth 3 - Feeding Frenzy Secret Formula

Copywriting Mastery ClubMonth 4 - Repeat Customer Profit Bonanza

Copywriting Mastery ClubMonth 5 - Proven Master Sales Hooks

Copywriting Mastery ClubMonth 6 - Become Rich & Famous (Or Just A Lot Richer)

This training is the best one-third of a larger, $1,800 program - and is worth about a third of that...

...around $600 in real world value - yours free as our gift


So - let's recap the offer here...

We've made it all but impossible to refuse this deal…

For just one payment of $497, you get the complete Copywriting Templates™ training course and materials... and you'll become a Platinum Member forever.

Plus, you get the Live Copywriting Workshop … and the Copywriting Mastery Club bonuses… 21 Recipe Videos and 21 “Cheat Sheets”… instant access to past sessions of our Monthly Training Webinars… plus, complete access to live sessions and recordings of our ongoing monthly trainings.

This is thousands and thousands of dollars’ worth of uniquely effective copywriting training materials… for a one-time $497 payment that grants you lifetime access.

"Wow - have you guys gone nuts?"

Some of you may be asking yourself why in the world would we offer such a stunning amount of training, support and proven money making expertise for such a low price.

The simplest answer is actually the correct one in this case...

We have an active recruiting goal in place - we want to put thousands of new members into this system as quickly as possible.

So, that means you're getting a $1,200 copywriting toolkit and master class for roughly 75% off - along with thousands of dollars worth of additional bonuses absolutely free.

Plus, we also offer...

The Best Guarantee In The Business

FEC-Guarantee.jpg Your investment is fully protected when you enroll in Fast Effective Copy...

Your $497 investment is guaranteed for 60 days from the day you make your payment.

That's right. You are protected with an unconditional money-back guarantee on the quality of this training and the results it will help you achieve for 60 days. No questions, no hassle...

If you don't find this changes your life and the value you received far exceeds the nominal investment, just ask for your money back, and you'll get it.

We're confident in offering that guarantee because we know from history how satisfied people have been with Copywriting Templates™ — and how Fast Effective Copy is  even quicker and more valuable to use than the product it is based on.

Bottom line: You are fully protected.

You have nothing to lose — and everything to gain!

Now It's Your Turn To Have An Unfair Advantage

In mere moments from now, you will have instant access to the same copy training that virtually every star-studded celebrity copywriter owns and uses.

And you'll have it in a completely new, modern and fully updated format that makes it faster and easier to use than ever before.

It's an easy decision: Try Fast Effective Copy at no risk whatsoever.

Sign up today for one easy payment of only $497.

Take your time exploring the site (after all, you've got a full 60-day money-back guarantee).

Use the tools whenever you need to put some copy together.

Learn shortcuts and inside secrets that take you to the next level.

Notice how much easier it is, how much faster things go, how much better your results turn out.

What could be simpler than that?

Just click on the link below to get instant access!

Now You Can Finally Get Rid Of
Problems With Copy -- Forever!

Enroll today with just one payment of only $497



We look forward to seeing you inside!

David & Brian

David Garfinkel and Brian McLeod


P.S. If this deal seems too good to be true, it may be... as you look back on this only a few short weeks or months from now.

Here's what we mean:

We're in the midst of a massive recruitment drive. We want to see thousands of new members using and enjoying the benefits and financial rewards made possible by joining Fast Effective Copy. After we reach our initial recruitment goals, the price will likely jump significantly.

On the flip side, please remember that many people have told David he was pricing Copywriting Templates™ too low at $1,200. (After all, another well-known copywriter gave a two-day seminar and sold out his entire inventory of DVD sets for more than four times that amount.)

So don't delay. You are being presented with a tremendous opportunity and a great value!

The discounted Platinum Membership you are being offered may be replaced at any time by a reasonable but higher investment. For instance, we may reduce or remove the discount altogether

But your low one-time investment is available today for only $497, as long as you get in while this Web page is up.

Act now!

Terri Lonier